Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme

thumbnail Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme
Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme
Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme
18 votes, 4.72 avg. rating (92% score)

Rolas Sepuluh is a free wordpress theme, designed with black and white color combination. The theme has one sidebar, located on right side. Each of the post in home page as well as in archive page has thumbnail, you must use one of uploaded image in your post and set it as featured image. If no image was set as featured image, the date of the post will displayed.

Rolas Sepuluh wordpress theme is compatible with Worpress 3.0 menu. The menu can be set from your wordpress admin. If no menu was set, it will display your pages list. This menu comes with drop down.

Beside of the sidebar widgets, this theme has one more in footer. The footer widgets display an inline list.

Sticky post(s) have different background color. Editor style available. Just like any other themes which I have made, this theme also has Archives page template, breadcrumbs, image attachment page, and css style for WP-PageNavi plugin.
Header in this theme is using picture. So if you have logo for your blog, you can replace mine with yours via Appearance setting.

Download this theme (latest version is 1.5) at Free WordPress Themes Directory.

Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme
18 votes, 4.72 avg. rating (92% score)
The themes preview is TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE until I can afford a better webhosting packet

44 thoughts on “Rolas Sepuluh WordPress Theme

  1. imam says:

    ini mana mas link downloadnya?

  2. bedjo says:

    wah, sip tenan mas,,,,,
    sayang aku pemula,,,, ada tutornya wat setting nya ga??

    • Themes Anyar says:

      nggak perlu setingan banyak2 kok mas, tinggal install aja. Cara pakai feature-nya sama dengan theme wordpress lain. Cuman ndak semua feature di theme deaultnya wordpress saya gunakan di theme ini.

  3. Marky says:

    How can I put a image into the grey frame, which is in the most? Please, help me!

    • Themes Anyar says:

      @Marky: If you mean the top of post (gray background), mark it as sticky post. If what you mean with the gray box (with post date in it), that is a thumbnail image (also called as featured image in wordpress 3.0 and above), available to select when you uploading an image in your post.

      • CGD says:

        Does this feature work only with uploaded picture files or can you use the picture URL as well? I’ve tried using the URL process and I don’t see anywhere in the picture properties of the post to set the image as featured.

        • Themes Anyar says:

          @CGD: The post thumbnails is using uploaded image in the post (which being set as Featured Image). We can use custom field too if there are no image in the post, but I don’t use it in this theme. I use it at Siji Selawe theme.

  4. bedjo says:

    Sorry, I don’t read this,,
    “I would appreciate if your comments are using English.”
    next time I’m not use my Original language, Thank you verymuch. :-D

  5. Debbie says:

    I really like this theme. Thank you so much for creating it. How can I rename the “home” page? I would like to still have it be the posts page and the front page.

  6. JP says:

    Hi, thanks for the theme !

    I just saw there is a new version of your theme, what’s the changelog for v1.5 ?

  7. Hello.
    It is a wonderful theme! I have had you let it use.
    Although there is a question, when clicking a header image, what should I do for displaying a home?
    Moreover, I would like to enlarge a header image to a slight degree.

    • Themes Anyar says:

      Hi tomoaki kurata,
      The header image is a background, it is can be changed from style.css to enlarge it.
      To make the header image clickable, it can be done by editing header.php.
      Change < ? php bloginfo ( 'name' ); ? > between your h1, and also h2 with your header image. Edit also the style.css, because it will mess up the layout.

  8. Thank you for your reply.
    I investigate PHP, although it is not detailed.

  9. Greg Zeck says:

    Love your Rolas Sepuluh theme. Can’t get custom sidebars to work. When I substitute for the default sidebars, nothing shows up. Any ideas?

  10. Simon says:


    Very nice theme. Thank you :)

    Is it possible to make the ‘Featured Images’ clickable as well (redirect to the blog post URL)? I know that I always click on images not just headings.

    Hopefully you can give me some advice.

    Thanks mate.

    • Themes Anyar says:

      Hi, Simon
      Previously the theme featured images and the box (which contain post date) are clickable as post permalink. But I removed it because css validation report it as error, as a link should not be contain any div inside it.
      You can make it clickable by wrap the has_post_thumbnail code with a link to the post ( < ? php the_permalink(); " ? > ).

      < div class="front-thumb">
      < a href="< ? php the_permalink(); ?" >
      … rest of the code which contain has_post_thumbnail and the_time …
      < / a>
      < / div>

      • WTA Today says:

        I love this theme and I’m using it on I’d really like to have thumbnails show instead of date next to excerpts and I thought it would post thumbnails by default, but it doesn’t seem to work for last couple posts that have picture within posts. Am I missing something? You can email me or do you have Twitter? My username is @WTAtoday.

  11. I’m switching over from to and looking for a new theme. I like RS, but since I don’t have any artwork, I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable/remove the featured image/calendar box from the posts, since I’d like to use the space for content. Is this possible? Please let me know.


  12. Shirley says:

    first have two homes in my links don’t know how to get rid of the right one when i click the header it takes me back to home bu confused which one how do i make it so that when i click the title it returns to the right HOME, and if i could get rid of the right home in the links it would probably fix this error any help would be GEATLY apprieciated. thanks ahead of time, I can create sites but this wordpress is hard for me to get the hang of..

  13. Shirley says:

    Hello, I am sorry the last post was hurried a bit. I really do love your Theme. I have done as you said by making a default menue,using static and non-static page. The result, I still have two home pages. I am trying to make the home page a static page, I have searched the code but can’t find what i need to remove this default home. if you go to my site and click around you can see what I mean. Please help me fix this. Thank you again

    • Themes Anyar says:

      It seem your site cannot be accessed. To change the home page url in your theme, find a line of code < ? php echo home_url (); ? > (inside header.php), change it with your preffered url. For the navigation menu below the header title, you can find it at wp_nav_menu (inside div class=access). The navigation menu are easier to change by creating one from Appearance > Menus, instead of editing the code manually.

  14. Allison says:

    How do I increase the size of the header to allow for a larger header image?

  15. Bimly says:


    I have already set the featured image on my post, but the image not displayed. It still the date of the post. How is it ? how to make my featured image displayed ?

  16. ryanmanna says:

    ada alamat fb nya nggak mas

  17. Treasure says:

    Hello, I was hoping you could tell me where I would find the code to change the color of the roll over box on the navigation menu. The site is currently when you roll over the black menu the hover color is grey. I would like to change that grey color. Can you direct me to the CSS sheet that I will find this in? I am sure I can figure it out from there. thanks!

  18. romee says:

    mas, saya sudah post dan di dalamnya ada image, tetapi knp gak muncul di featured imagenya ya? gmn jadikan image di postingan jadikan fetured image, biar gantiin tanggal. image di postingan saya, manual saya upload ke postingan, dan ada di media library. terimakasih

  19. Romee says:

    Dear admin, i have used this themes, but the image thumbnail doesn’t appear, just date that appear. i put image for every post. i upload the image to media library (manual). how to fix it? you said set image as Featured Image, how to do it? please i need it. thank you.

  20. Mononoke says:


    Thank you for your theme. Does it support a French translation? I didn’t find a “load_theme_textdomain” line in the functions.php, so I would assume it doesn’t…

    - Mononoke

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