Songolas Siji WordPress Theme

thumbnail Songolas Siji WordPress Theme
Songolas Siji WordPress Theme
Songolas Siji WordPress Theme
7 votes, 4.43 avg. rating (84% score)

Songolas Siji is a free WordPress theme with gray color. The theme has custom background and custom header. The header should be 950 pixel width and 130 pixel height. The post side is wide enough, so it fit for 768 pixels banner.
The sidebar is fit for 160 pixels. The theme is supporting wordpress widgets. There are four widgets available. Each of the widget displayed in specific page in your blog. For example, the Sidebar Home widget is only displayed in home view, while the Sidebar All is displayed in all of the pages which have sidebar. There are also available Sidebar Page which only displayed in blog pages, and Sidebar Single for single post views.

Songolas Siji wordpress theme has slide show to show your featured categories. The featured slide show can be deactivated via Theme options.

Songolas Siji theme is also supporting custom menus feature in wordpress 3.0 or newer version, breadcrumb, and archive page template. The theme is using Blueprint CSS Framework and JQuery Cycle Plugin. This is a free theme, so I cannot give any support for the theme. Unless if there is an error, I will be happy to fix it (if I can).

Don’t forget to type the category name of your featured post. Otherwise it will only show your newest posts. Categories names can be used as featured, by using comma as separator.

The posts at home page available in two styles, a single column posts or a 2 columns posts. You can select the layout from Theme Option page. The JOSS style for displaying post in single column, while the MAWUT style for two columns. But be wary, although the Mawut style is looks stylish, but it is not displaying excerpt nor the content, only thumbnail image and its title. The images displayed in the posts are thumbnail image (also known as featured image). If there is no thumbnail available, it will fall back in to date of the post.

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Songolas Siji WordPress Theme
7 votes, 4.43 avg. rating (84% score)
The themes preview is TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE until I can afford a better webhosting packet

6 thoughts on “Songolas Siji WordPress Theme

  1. abdiweli adan says:

    hi i would like to download this theme please can you tell how Songolas Siji WordPress Theme

    talk to you soon

  2. Mhuddy says:

    I am amaze as the way you make your word press you know how to do it…..

  3. umit says:

    hi i would like to download this theme

  4. theme nya mantep mbah…ijin sedot nggih mbah, badhe kulo tes kangge website kulo…matur nuwun mbah!

  5. amazing theme man, i would like to download it…thanks for sharing !

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