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Siji Seket WordPress Theme is a small and minimalist. The theme is in similar design with Siji Selawe theme, but without the random post and slideshow widget. Compatible with thumbnails and menus in WordPress 3.0 features. Unfortunatelly, the theme is not fully compatible with previous wordpress version. So please upgrade your theme in to version 3.0 or later before using this one.

Siji Seket wordpress theme has three sidebar widgets: in size of 300 pixels (located in both top and bottom sidebar), 160 pixels, 120 pixels. Page archives templates available in this theme, you only have to create a new page using Archives template to use this feature.

The themes was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Transitional in It pass for overall, except in some pages. Those pages are using WordPress feature, which I suppose they are only supported in HTML 5.

Siji Seket Theme’s features:

The theme features custom header, custom background, custom link color (available from the theme options), breadcrumbs, dynamic H1 and H2, image attachment template, and editor style.

Feel free to preview the theme, the download link will be available soon. Still waiting to be approved at WordPress themes directory.

Siji Seket WordPress Theme
2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (86% score)
The themes preview is TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE until I can afford a better webhosting packet

2 thoughts on “Siji Seket WordPress Theme

  1. Rangga says:

    kok gak bisa di download gan?

  2. Rangga says:

    Why this theme can not be downloaded?

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