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Sewu telu wordpress theme has three sidebar widgets. Those widgets are located at the top of sidebar (which only available in home page), and two more sidebars below the first one. The sidebars are fit for 300 pixels banner and 120 pixels. The advertisement banner which available in the theme demo will not included in the theme download, they are just an example for calculating the widget size.

Sewu Telu Theme Features:
Custom header, Custom background, Custom menus, Breadcrumbs, Widget ready, Image attachment page, Archives page template, Dynamic H1 and H2, Sticky post, WP-Pagenavi CSS, WordPress Version: 3.0 and above

The big images in home page’s post are automatically grabbing the first image in your post. If there isn’t any image, the theme will show nothing. If you have more than one image in the post, the rest of the image will be displayed after the post as thumbnail (up to 4 of them). Those thumbnails are linking to image gallery page. I am not an SEO expert, but I think it will be good if the home page’s post have direct link to image attachment page.

Random post in the sidebar will also display the first image in those posts. If there aren’t any image available, default image will be displayed.

Breadcrumbs are available in all pages, except in home page. If you have installed breadcrumbs plugin (which I believe it will be better than the one I made), you can replace the premade in the theme with yours.
Page archives templates available in this theme, you only have to create a new page using Archives template to use this feature. Feel free to preview the theme, the download link will be available asap (I still testing it online).

Sewu Telu WordPress Theme
2 votes, 2.50 avg. rating (53% score)
The themes preview is TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE until I can afford a better webhosting packet

5 thoughts on “Sewu Telu WordPress Theme

  1. imam says:

    ini mana mas link downloadnya?

  2. pk says:

    Cool theme mbah, Where’s the link to download this theme? Thanks a lot

  3. joko indro says:

    Amazing themes. Where link Sewu telu??

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