Sewu Siji WordPress Theme

thumbnail Sewu Siji WordPress Theme
Sewu Siji WordPress Theme
Sewu Siji WordPress Theme
25 votes, 4.04 avg. rating (80% score)

Sewu siji theme is an update from my previous one. It previously named as Fitria, which I released at It is basically in a same design, but now it comes with some modification.

The thumbnail image at home page, archive, and search result page is grabbing the first image in the post. More of the modification list of this theme can be read at change log section.

Sewu Siji WordPress Theme Changelog

31.12.2011 - Version 1.1
- Changed name as Sewu Siji
- Fixed heading problem in single page
- Updated some deprecated functions
- Support WordPress menus, background, header, and editor style
- Rewrited with Blueprint CSS Framework
- Validated theme CSS and Markup
- Removed custom field for thumbnail image
- Added breadcrumb
- Added theme option to turn on/off related post and random post

16.06.2010 - Version 1.0
- Initial release

The theme features: dynamic H1 and H2; random post and related post in sidebar (can be turned off via theme options); custom background; custom header, custom menus, archives page template, image attachment page, and CSS for WP-Pagenavi.

Sewu Siji WordPress Theme
25 votes, 4.04 avg. rating (80% score)
The themes preview is TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE until I can afford a better webhosting packet

10 thoughts on “Sewu Siji WordPress Theme

  1. mantap bung!! keren..

  2. bambang says:

    kok gambar thumbnya gak muncul? solusinya gmn gan?

  3. Abang says:

    temanya bagus banget ikut download ya, makasih.

  4. ferry fadly says:

    Salam Mbah Dewo,

    Saya udah setahun pake theme fitria versi pertama, meski memang harus puter otak untuk mempelajari struktur cms nya agar dapat match dengan kriteria yang saya inginkan. :D Tapi makasih Mbah Dewo :) pokok e terus berkarya :D eits satu lagi sukses yah nanti jadi GUEST SPEAKER Di Glatik Selam :D

  5. tavip says:

    mass maap nih yaa. tapi kok di single post format nya acak2 an ya T.T misal spasi antar paragraf g ada.. T.T

  6. safar says:

    mantep banget themenya
    ijin download dan pasang diblog ane ya?

  7. rheeantz says:

    Ijin download dan mengucapkan Terima kasih :)

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