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Songolas Siji WordPress Theme

Songolas Siji is a free WordPress theme with gray color. The theme has custom background and custom header. The header should be 950 pixel width and 130 pixel height. The post side is wide enough, so it fit for 768 pixels banner. The sidebar is fit for 160 pixels. The theme is supporting wordpress widgets….

Sewu Telu WordPress Theme

Sewu telu wordpress theme has three sidebar widgets. Those widgets are located at the top of sidebar (which only available in home page), and two more sidebars below the first one. The sidebars are fit for 300 pixels banner and 120 pixels. The advertisement banner which available in the theme demo will not included in…

Siji Seket WordPress Theme

Siji Seket WordPress Theme is a small and minimalist. The theme is in similar design with Siji Selawe theme, but without the random post and slideshow widget. Compatible with thumbnails and menus in WordPress 3.0 features. Unfortunatelly, the theme is not fully compatible with previous wordpress version. So please upgrade your theme in to version…